Social Mission


We believe in a world where everyone has a chance to grow, succeed and make a real difference, a world where impact and accomplishment are not limited by borders.

By fostering software talent from overlooked regions and by technically enabling social entrepreneurs through this talent, we are more than just another software company, we are progress engineers.

How we envision it

Agents of Change

We support emerging talent and reach out to start a conversation about how we make this a better world together.

Community Builders

We are building an environment, opening our hearts and minds to people and organizations with whom we can be envision of change.


Tech for Good Enablers

We identify emerging changemakers and social entrepreneurs and enable them to scale their vision through technology.

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Our Partner

As a thriving coding academy and community in Palestine, Gaza Sky Geeks works closely with Kiitos to bring software engineering talent and international clients together.

We are betting on our new found partnership with Kiitos to break into the EU and Dutch markets and bridge the burdensome gap.

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Jafar And Christian

Jafar & Christian

Jafar and Christian met in France during their MBA at INSEAD in 2017.
Although Jafar lived in Nablus, Palestine and Christian lived in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they thought about combining their
geographical, business and societal experiences to form a new venture.
This led to a positively surprising outcome.

" A few months into the journey we realized we were in a singular
position to make an impact in the region and we adapted accordingly.
We were no longer just a software engineering business, we were
engineering change"

Jafar And Christian Signature

Now Jafar and Christian mentor aspiring entrepreneurs in the West
Bank and Gaza, building a thriving community where it is most needed.

But not without your help.

Let’s build something awesome together!