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The Kiitos advantage

Dear Visitor,

Success in software projects is often correlated with many factors, such as developer competence, effective application of software engineering processes, and use of good development tools. In my view, however, success should be highly attributed to the culture and mindset of the service provider.

While good developers, processes, and tools are important ingredients for success, they are insufficient to guarantee a great outcome. At Kiitos, our culture is what moves the needle. Our people take the challenge personally. Having fire in their bellies, they are warriors on a mission to exceed your expectations.

If you choose to work with us, not only you will be impressed with our technical capacity, but also with the level of commitment to your satisfaction. You’ll be in good hands, working with professionals who believe their reputation is the most valuable asset. I invite you to experience our premium service, assuring you the ending would only be pleasant!

Jafar Shunnar, MBA

Why Work With Us

3 key value propositions

Customer-first culture

It is ingrained in our culture that we start with customer and work backwards. We strive to deliver to you the most value. Sometimes, you would feel that we care about your business more than you do!

More than software engineering

We know more than building great code. With exposure to marketing, strategy, and finance, we speak the same language as your business team, and we bring unique perspectives to the problem that pure coders cannot see.

Value for money

Because we deliver world-class software at highly competitive prices, you are well-positioned to enjoy high return on your investment. Our pledge to you is: Silicon Valley quality at Jordan Valley rates.

Services We Provide

We go the extra mile!

IBM WebSphere Commerce

Whether you are building from scratch or maintaining an existing store, we have got you covered. Over the past years, we have built and maintained over a dozen Commerce stores running a few billion dollars of revenue. Our expertise includes customization of the starter store, Management Center, promotion engine, checkout flow, and integration with external systems via web services.


Shopify store setup & launch, theme design & development, store customization, and Shopify app building.

Digital commerce solutions

Our expertise in digital commerce spans over 8 years. From implementing smart product recommendations to private label credit cards, and from enhancing usability of product detail pages to creating productivity tools for site admins. We touched on nearly all elements of online retail.


Our expertise in iOS is extensive and includes developing a best-selling calendar app, smart document scanning app for iPhone with optical character recognition, trip management app for a non-profit connected to ERP system, activity management app for an insurance company, among others.


We have developed a handful of Android apps that enterprises use in their daily businesses. Examples include: A sales app for an FMCG company, dynamic e-brochure for an educational agency providing recruiting services for American colleges, and a trip management app for a non-profit connected to ERP system.

Mobile application development

Over the past few years, we developed highly-successful mobile apps for enterprises and individuals, among which was a bestseller on the iOS App Store. Downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users, apps we built have been praised for both usability and functionality.

Front-end web technologies

HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Angular, and responsive web design technologies such as Bootstrap.

Server-side web technologies

Python, PHP, Spring Framework, Node.js, and MongoDB.

Full-stack web development

We have been building scalable, secure, and functional web apps through which millions of dollars of transactions have gone. We strive to remain on top of recent technological advancements in the web arena.

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