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We help global companies build or augment their software teams with top talent from the MENA region.

Hire top software development talent from
across the Arab World - ready to help
you build high-performing
technology with impact.

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What We Do

We supply world-class tech talent to global companies of all sizes.

Build a team from scratch

Assemble a fully-fledged team consisting of tech leads, developers, designers, and product owners

Augment an existing team

Fill a skills or capacity gap in your existing team with talent that will blend into your culture


How We're Different

We find, train and connect highly-educated graduates and experienced engineers to opportunity.

Diverse engineering talent

Deliberately Diverse

Discover vetted talent with sought-after experience and expertise. From software developers to technology strategists, we find the right person or build the best team for you.

Kiitos global culture

Global Culture, Local Heart

Hire multi-lingual, like-minded people who fit right in. Dodge language barriers and cultural misunderstandings with global-minded, gender-balanced teams.

Kiitos flexible software talent

Flexible & Agile

Have peace of mind that will adapt around you. From specialist software to elastic teams, we can skill up, scale up and flex to fit you.

Beyond software engineering

Startup Mindset

Brief with confidence knowing your new hire or team go beyond getting the job done, they go the extra mile. Your success is our success.


Who We Work With

We save companies time by sourcing and training the best talent to build or augment their team, so they can focus on what matters.


Accelerate your start-up and build technology with us. A tech partner, not provider, we will equip you with the right tools, expertise and talent to power your growth.


Save time searching for the right skills or fit for your team. We will assess your needs, then source what you need. So you can focus on what matters - scaling your business.


Build diverse, gender-balanced teams with highly sought-after skills and experience. Do more than just get work done, diversify your company culture and outsource with positive impact.


Ready, set, impact

We believe the Arab World is the solution to the drought of good tech talent in the West. We go to the source, tap into potential and connect the best talent to opportunity, to create a better impact.

For Our Clients

Our talent pool is a deliberate blend of trained and highly-vetted talent with a startup mindset. Driven and committed, Kiitos talent will exceed your expectations.

For Our Talent

We develop tech talent with both soft and hard skills, making them job-ready as we connect them to global companies. Our culture of continuous learning and ed-tech platform keep the skills we equip our talent with relevant and transferrable.

For the Region

We aim to use tech to realize purpose and prosperity in the Arab World. Hence, our business is built around talent empowerment and not extraction because we believe that tech outsourcing can be a force for good.


Connect with MENA's top tech talent

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